How to use Twitter chatbot for business

A twitter chatbot is a messaging software attached to a company’s direct message. It interacts with customers, helps them to access services defined by the business, renders support and performs other tasks assigned to it.

Using Twitter’s direct message feature, businesses can use Twitter chatbots to achieve different goals. Here’s how to use a Twitter chatbot for business.

Why you should use a Twitter chatbot for business

Twitter is a popular social media platform with 166 million monetizable monthly active users. Twitter’s audience consists mostly of young and educated people who want to keep up with trends and engage with brands. It is, therefore, necessary for every business to have a Twitter presence.

According to Hootsuite, more than 80% of Twitter’s global users are below 50 years old, are urban dwellers, and also have a college degree. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to engage with their young, savvy and enlightened customers.

The image below provides more information about Twitter demographics. It includes age, income level, and educational background.

twitter use by pew research
Source: Pew Research

Here are some of the reasons to build a Twitter chatbot:

Lead generation and Sales

Businesses can generate leads on twitter using chatbots. When a potential customer sends a direct message, the chatbot collects details and forwards it to the sales team for nurturing.

 Businesses can close sales using Twitter chatbots. There are two ways to do this. They can either make e-commerce part of their chatbot flow. This works by displaying available products or services to customers. The ensuing conversation gradually closes the sale.

Another way brands can use twitter chatbots for sales is through adverts. Just like on Facebook, they can set Ads that lead directly to their direct message popularly known as DM.  Samsung Australia did this. They ran an Ad using the Direct message card. This Ad led customers directly into Samsung Australia’s DM to chat with its chatbot. It delivered personalized recommendations and also directed people on where to purchase Samsung TVs.

Customer service

Twitter is famous for enabling conversation between brands and consumers. Customers’ tendency to call out a business for poor service on Twitter, led to the use of Twitter for customer support. 

Customers also have high expectations of customer support on Twitter. They expect prompt responses and quick issue resolution. Unfortunately, this is not scalable for most businesses.

With Chatbots, businesses can speed up response times. Chatbots can interact with an innumerable number of people simultaneously, responding to queries and helping them resolve issues.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is a priority for businesses. Messaging platforms are one of the top channels businesses use to engage with their customers. On Twitter, it usually involves responding to messages, mentions, likes and retweets. Since this is done manually, it requires a lot of effort and is time-consuming.

Chatbots offers brands a better way to engage with customers at scale. They can handle multiple interactions on Twitter. They aren’t limited by time or geography.

Twitter chatbot for customer support (What makes twitter unique for customer support?)

As stated earlier, a lot of consumers use Twitter to engage with brands. It is no surprise then that they use the platform to praise businesses or express their displeasure with the quality of service received.

In response, businesses quickly adapted and began using Twitter for support. They created a separate account for handling support issues and built a team to manage this support account.  Yet, it wasn’t sustainable. It is challenging to handle the sheer volume of customer requests that come in through Twitter. This isn’t surprising as 41% of customers use twitter to contact customer service.

Creating a dedicated account to handle support is commendable. However, manually replying to individual complaints is not productive and sustainable. The best way to meet this expectation is to deploy a chatbot.

Twitter chatbots help businesses to scale customer support. A Twitter customer service chatbot picks up a complaint from your customer and invites the customer to resolve the issue in its DM away from prying eyes.

It also provides proactive support. When your customers know that support issues can be resolved via twitter, they might not tweet their complaints. They simply head into your DM and resolve the issue on their own, or speak to a support agent only when necessary.

A Twitter customer service chatbot is another means to meet customers expectations of round the clock support. Given customers’ rising adoption of chatbots and preference for self-service, this is a means to meet and even exceed this expectation with timely responses and issue resolution.

How to get started

Getting started with Twitter chatbots isn’t different from designing your chatbot conversation. It follows the same principle. Here is how to get started with Twitter chatbots.

Re-examine your business goal

Every digital activity a business undertakes should directly or indirectly support its business goals. Go through your business goals again. How does a chatbot in general and a twitter chatbot specifically support a goal? 

For instance, a goal might be to reduce churn or increase customer retention by a certain percentage. Quick customer support and wider access to services – which are both provided by a Twitter chatbot – support this goal.

Choose your metrics

Metrics help you to track the effectiveness of your chatbot. Here, you choose the right metrics that will grant you insight into your chatbot’s performance. 

Design your conversation

The goal of this step is to make every conversation interactive, helpful and delightful. A well-designed conversation doesn’t only help customers resolve issues within the shortest time possible, it is also memorable and encourages customers to use the chatbot repeatedly.

When your conversations are well designed, your customers become your brand’s evangelists, promoting the efficiency of your chatbot to other customers and encouraging them to try it. 

A twitter chatbot is important for businesses especially those whose customer segment consists of the young and educated. It is a medium to move your service to the platform where customers are most eager to engage with brands. It is also an opportunity to engage with customers and provide stellar customer service that differentiates you from the competition.

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